About Us

You know the story right……we live in the South West, most of us on or near the coast - yet we have trouble buying fresh fish. In particular fish that is from our region. Well we are changing that, we bring in fresh fish from our boats and fishing markets in the South West and also using our product from our processing plant to give you the freedom to buy good food with confidence.


COVID-19 has bought with it many terrible things, but in this instance it has given us the time to be resourceful and think of a way to support our local fishing communities, who have been extremely hard hit by COVID-19. They are still catching beautiful fresh fish, however their restaurant, pub and export markets have been decimated.


That’s where we step in. 



We're providing you with a simple way to buy direct from the South West fish markets - mainly Brixham - and thereby support South West fishers. Most fish will be offered filleted or fully processed so it is ready for you to cook for dinner. We’ve even tried to make that easy by linking videos to show you how to do that for the different species we offer - and hopefully inspire you to try new recipes.


Fish is healthy, tasty - a real versatile fast food.

Why make it complicated, just get it on your dinner table a couple of nights a week.

‘collect fish cook simply’